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Top 10: Vintage Travel Posters


10) Vichy - $14,000

Roger Broders’ circa 1926 portrait of Vichy: Comite des Fetes evokes the Roaring Twenties, glamour and art deco. It sold for $14,000 at Poster Auctions International in May 2011.

9) St Andrews - £10,625 ($16,904)

Henry George Gawthorn’s circa 1925 poster advertising St. Andrews, ‘the Home of the Royal and Ancient Game’, was printed by Ben Johnson & Co, York, on behalf of the London & North Eastern Railway of Great Britain. It sold for £10,625 at Christie’s in November 2011.

8) Marseille - £8,750 ($17,168)

Roger Broders’ 1928 poster for the second largest city in France, printed by Lucien Serre & Cie, Paris, sold for £8,750 at Christie’s in June 2008.

7) Cortina - £13,750 ($21,739)

Mario Puppo’s 1938 poster for Cortina, printed by Pizzi & Picio, Milano, pictures two skiers at a jaunty angle against the Alps. It sold for £13,750 at Christie’s Ski Travel sale in January 2013.

Summer has arrived! Hordes of holidaymakers journey to the coast, to vibrant cities, to exotic far-off locations.

For many collectors, nothing evokes the excitement of holiday more than vintage posters from the Golden Age of travel. During the late 19th and early 20th century, rapid advances in technology meant that other places in the whole world became more accessible than it had ever been before.

Advertising was widely used to trigger wanderlust, inspiring people to use these innovations to explore the world. Travel was now for everyone, whereas before it had been an exclusive pursuit of the rich. Travel posters were produced to draw the public to seaside towns, to glamorous European cities, and to far flung destinations.

These posters were the ideal vessel for the blossoming discipline of graphic design, and popular design movements such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Mid-Century modern. As the world opened up to the public, a new mode of expression opened up to artists.

Vintage travel posters are some of the most popular posters with collectors, evoking the nostalgic golden era of adventure and excitement, as travel put the world within reach for many people who had never before left their home towns.

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