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Top 10: Titanic memorabilia


10) Life preserver worn by Mabel Francatelli - £60,000

A rare early 20th century life preserver that was worn by Mabel Francatelli as she escaped from RMS Titanic was sold by Christie’s in London in May 2007. The life preserver was autographed by Francatelli and other survivors from lifeboat number 1.

The life preserver sold, with a photograph of the surviving group from lifeboat number 1, for £60,000.

9) The Booth – Titanic Signals Archive - £66,000

Eighty five messages sent and received by the Titanic from April 12th to April 15th 1912 were sold by Christie’s London in April 1992.

The messages were divided into two separate sections. The first section contained 49 messages and the second section contained 36 messages.

The messages were expected to sell for £8,000-£10,000 but were bought for £66,000.

101 years have passed since the disaster that rocked the world: the sinking of the Unsinkable Ship, the RMS Titanic.

On 14 April 2012, the vast ocean liner hit an iceberg. Early in the morning of April 15, she was dragged down to the bottom of the sea, taking the lives of 1,496 passengers with her.

This was history’s greatest maritime tragedy. It has resonated down the years, remaining shocking and fascinating over a century on.

As with any massively significant historical event, Titanic memorabilia has its devotees. Interest in and value of collectibles relating to this event intensifies with time, and despite the rarity of original Titanic-related items, they continue to appear at auction.

Titanic memorabilia makes for something of a miscellany. Items can include anything from pieces of rust from the ship’s hull, to Titanic disaster newspapers, right down to passenger’s possessions – and those themselves can be quite diverse.

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