20 Dollar Liberty Gold Coin
A 20 Dollar Liberty Gold Coin is an American coin known as a 'Double Eagle'.

Brief history and description

20 dollar Liberty gold coins (also known as "Double Eagles") were used as currency in the United States from the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

20 dollar Liberty gold coins all contain mintmarks which were stamped on each coin in order to pinpoint its origin, and can be found on the reverse side of the coin below the eagle's tail feathers.

Some of the many mintmarks stamped on 20 dollar Liberty gold coins include the "CC" mintmark (which was used by the Carson City Nevada mint), the "O" mintmark (by the New Orleans mint in Louisiana), the "S" mintmark (the San Francisco mint in California), or the "D" mintmark (by the Denver mint in Colorado). Philadelphia mints in Pennsylvania did not use mintmarks.

Guide for collectors

1878-CC, 1879-CC, 1879-O, 1882-CC and 1883-CC 20 dollar Liberty gold coins are all considered to be extremely rare among collectors. 1891-CC 20 dollar Liberty gold coins are considered to be amongst the most rare, as only 5,000 coins are known to still exist.

The 1933 Double Eagle is the rarest of all Double eagle coins, as it was not officially released as legal tender. A handful of specimens were produced, possible illegally, and ended up in the hands of collectors. The majority of these were retrieved by the U.S Secret Service, with just a single specimen sold legally at auction in 2002 for $7,590,020 - making it the most expensive U.S coin ever sold at auction.

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Due to the fact that 20 dollar Liberty gold coins are incredibly easy to damage, it is extremely rare to find a coin with no abrasions. Regardless, restoration of a 20 dollar gold Liberty coin is not recommended.

For more information regarding 20 dollar Liberty gold coins, visit USA gold or Coin Study.


Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas sold:

  • An 1884 $20 Liberty gold coin for $180,000 in October of 2008.
  • An 1854-O $20 Liberty gold coin for $110,000 in December of 2008.
  • An 1881 $20 Liberty gold coin (Philadelphia Mint) for $120,000 in October of 2008.
  • An 1861-S $20 Paquet Liberty gold coin for $130,000 in October of 2008.
  • An 1885 $20 MS62 Liberty gold coin for $75,000 in June of 2008.

Sotheby's in New York sold an 1883 $20 Liberty gold coin for $126,500 in October of 2001.

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