Antique Drop Leaf Tables
Antique Drop Leaf Tables are a type of original table with a hinged top.

Brief history and description

Drop leaf tables were invented in America during the 1600s, and typically feature hinged tops which allow the table to fold down on one or two sides.

Drop leaf tables can not only be made from a variety of different materials such as mahogany, oak, maple, walnut or pine, they can also come in a variety of different styles as well.

Some of the many earlier styles of the drop leaf table include the gate-leg table (which was common between 1690 and 1720 and typically made out of walnut or maple), the butterfly drop leaf table (which was invented in America sometime around 1710), the swing-leg table (invented between 1730 and 1790 and considered to be one of the most popular style by some), and the Pembroke table (which was popular during the late 18th century).

Guide for collectors

Queen Anne drop leaf tables are considered to be the most rare and valuable, especially if they are made of mahogany. Drop leaf tables that come with attached tea caddies are also considered to be rare, as well as drop leaf tables that only have one single drop leaf (as opposed to two).

Restoration of an antique drop leaf table is recommended, but only if there is noticeable damage. However, restoring an antique drop leaf table may decrease its value.

For more information regarding antique drop leaf tables, visit Furniture Styles, Ruby Lane, or Journal of Antiques.


  • Sotheby's in New York sold a walnut William and Mary drop leaf dining table (circa early 1700s) for $24,000 in October of 2004.
  • Sotheby's in New York sold a Queen Anne-figured mahogany drop leaf table for $8,400 in January of 2002
  • Keno Auctions in New York sold another red-stained Queen Anne drop leaf table for $5,000 in January of 2012
  • Buchard Galleries in St. Petersburg, Florida sold a Queen Anne drop leaf table for $500 in December of 2010.
  • TW Conroy, LLC in Elbridge, New York sold a pine American drop leaf harvest table for $325 in June of 2007
  • Antiques at Pompey Hollow LLC in Ashford, Connecticut sold a pine drop leaf table for $50 in January of 2012
  • A&S Antique Auction Co. in Waco, Texas sold a pine drop leaf table with blue paint and a tapered base for $325 in August of 2005.
  • Wickliff & Associates Auctioneers in Carmel, Indiana sold a walnut drop leaf table for $225 in March of 2012
  • Bloomington Auction Gallery, LLC in Bloomington, Indiana sold a walnut drop leaf dining table for $20 in October of 2010

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