Antique Estey Organs
Antique Estey Organs are musical instruments produced by the Estey Organ Company.

Brief history and description

The Estey Organ Company have a long history, with their production beginning in the late 19th century and only ending in the early 1960s.

The company began by manufacturing organ reeds, before opening a pipe-organ department in the 1901. Working from a large factory, during the first sixty years of their development Estey was responsible for the creation of several thousand pipe organs.

As well as distributing elsewhere, The Estey Organ Company also sold from their own shops. At the height of their success, the company’s name was very well known in the music world.

Guide for collectors

Antique Estey organs, which are fully restorable, have appeared at both mainstream and specialist auctioneers, as well as featuring in online auctions such as those found at eBay, where collectors may discover low start prices and rare finds. They are also available from antique shops.

The Estey Organ Museum features additional information about Estey organs, a membership option, and several exhibits which will be of interest to collectors or prospective collectors. The museum, located in Vermont, is open during the summer or by appointment.

Similarly, contains a wealth of information about the company’s products and history.


Towards the higher end of the price scale for auction sales of antique Estey organs is the sale of one such item from Burchard Galleries Inc on 21st May 2006, for $550. There are several other instances of the organs reaching similar prices at auction, such as the sale of an oak traveling pump Estey organ for $400 on 8th June 2008 from Clars Auction Gallery.

Towards the lower end of the price scale, a particularly ornate Estey organ sold from Dargate Auction Galleries on 17th June 2004 for just $90, less than its $100-$200 sale estimate.

Elsewhere the organs have sold for prices typically in the region of $100-300, as proven by the sale of a walnut antique Estey organ from Morton Kuehnert Auctioneers & Appraisers on 30th June 2011, which sold for $225.

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