Antique Home Comfort Wood Cook Stoves
Antique Home Comfort stove
Antique Home Comfort stove

Antique Home Comfort Wood Cook Stoves are original stoves manufactured by the Wrought Iron Range Company.

History & Description

Established in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1881, the Wrought Iron Company was founded by Henry Harrison Culver and his two brothers. The Wrought Iron Range Company introduced the Home Comfort Range in the late-nineteenth century and continued production until the early 1940s.

These stoves, made of cast iron and coated with enamel, revolutionised cooking in America as homemakers no longer had to bend over a hearth in order to prepare the family meal.

Guide for collectors

Instances of antique Home Comfort wood cook stoves sold through auctioneers are extremely rare.

Collectors are more likely to purchase antique Home Comfort wood cook stoves from online bidding sites, such as eBay. The conditions of these items vary considerably. However, as a general rule, prices tend to range between $3001 and $1,2002.

When purchasing supposed antique items from eBay, collectors and prospective buyers should always try to attain as much information as possible from the seller to verify an item’s authenticity.

While restoring antique Home Comfort wood cook stoves is recommended, collectors or existing owners are urged to go through respected professional restorers to ensure that as much of the item’s original features are retained. Additionally, any below-part restoration can potentially decrease an item’s value. A good source of information for collectors is Antique Stoves.

Notable auction sales

On February 16th 2012, a Home Comfort wood cook stove, made in the 1930s and in good condition was sold on eBay for $800.

On February 14th 2012, a 1930s Home Comfort wood cook stove, in poor condition, was sold on eBay for $280.

On February 5th 2012, a Home Comfort wood cook stove, in excellent condition, was sold on eBay for $1,200. This particularly example was made in the late 1920s and would have been transported by salesmen from door to door or shop to shop in order to sell them individually.

On October 14th 2011 at Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers in St. Louis, Missouri, a Home Comfort “Salesman Sample” wood cook stove realised a price of $100.

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