Antique Watch Fobs
Antique Watch Fobs are items attched to pocket watches which enable them to be removed from a pocket.

Brief history and description

Watch fobs were incredibly popular during the Victorian era, were usually attached to a pocket watch by a ribbon, strap or chain, and were often made from materials such as nickel or brass.

Many antique watch fobs featured some sort of patriotic or political symbolism such as a Miss Liberty emblem, a shamrock, or a flag or emblem. Other fobs advertised different kinds of slogans, images or products, which are considered highly collectible among antique watch fob collectors today.

Guide for collectors

Antique watch fobs which have been set with diamonds, rubies or other precious stones are considered to be the most rare and valuable. Antique watch fobs that feature some sort of product or patriotic/political symbolism are also considered to be both rare and valuable, while celluloid fobs are considered to be rare as well.

Restoration of an antique watch fob is recommended, but only if there is noticeable damage. However, restoring an antique watch fob may decrease its value.

For more information regarding antique watch fobs, visit American Watch Company Web or the National Watch and Clock Museum.


Antique watch fobs

Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas sold:

  • A 14K gold antique watch chain with a masonic fob set with diamonds, rubies and enamel for $3,000 in November of 2011.
  • A 9K gold watch chain (circa 1880; 44.2 grams) with a gold framed keystone fob and an additional gold-filled swivel and swing ring attached to the t-bar for $500 in May of 2010.

Antique 14K gold watch fobs with anchor medallions on the chain are worth between $1,100 and $1,400.

Skinner in Massachusetts sold an antique 10K gold watch chain and two fobs for $900 in December of 2004.

Duane Merrill & Company in Milton, Vermont sold an antique 10K gold watch chain and fob for $1,100 in January of 2011.

Empire Estates & Auctions LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona sold a 14K hand-made 12-inch match fob (32.4 grams; circa 1880 to 1890) for $750 in December of 2010.

(All values based on auction results from

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