Collectible Seymour Mann Dolls
A Seymour Mann doll
A Seymour Mann doll

Collectible Seymour Mann Dolls are dolls made by the American gifts and collectibles company Seymour Mann Inc.

Brief history and description

The dolls were individually designed by artists employed by the company, with Seymour Mann's wife Eda designeing one of the first collectible dolls to be released.

Some of the many collectible Seymour Mann dolls include "Odile," "Nicole," "Alicia," "Kirsten," "Moonbeam," "Pia," "Alexandria," "Whitney," "Sarah," "Melinda," "Shadow," "Ellie," "Winter Wonderland" and "Orlanda."

There were also various dolls based off of different nationalities or movies, such as the Wizard of Oz "Dorothy" doll, "Goldilocks," "Snow White," "Peter Pan" or "Little Bo Peep," as well as "Little Miss Ireland," "Little Mr. Germany" "Little Miss China" and many more.

Guide for collectors

Each Seymour Mann doll carries a brand stamp on the back of its neck. If the doll is still wearing its original clothing, then it should not be replaced as it will decrease the doll's value.

Connoisseur dolls typically sell for much more than any other Seymour Mann doll, however, dolls which are sold as a lot rather than individually are generally favoured by doll collectors, as well as dolls which are sold in their original boxes. Because of this, a doll should be kept inside its original box as much as possible and stored in a safe place in order to avoid damaging both the doll and the box.

True Treasure's website has a collection of various different collectible and award-winning Seymour Mann dolls. Some other good resources include websites for the National Antique Doll Dealers Association (NADDA), the United Federation of Doll Clubs, the International Foundation of Dollmakers and the Original Doll Artist Council of America.


DuMouchelles in Detroit, Michigan sold a lot of seven Seymour Mann dolls (circa 1980s) which were designed by Eda Mann and featuring hand-sewn period costumes, leather shoes and glass eyes for $175 in December of 2009.

Tom Harris Auctions in Marshalltown, Iowa sold:

  • The "Elaine" Connoisseur doll (22" in length) for $60 in November of 2004.
  • The "Violet" doll (16.5" in length) for $10 in September of 2004.

Vectis Auctions LTD in Stockton on Tees, England sold a lot of 14 Connoisseur dolls for £60 in July of 2007.

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