Edwin M Knowles China Co
The Edwin M. Knowles China Company was an American-based pottery manufacturer.

History & Description

Edwin M. Knowles was the son of Isaac Watt Knowles, who was the founder of one of the largest American pottery companies at the end of the nineteenth century, Knowles, Taylor & Knowles Co. Having studied at Harvard University, in 1890 Edwin took control of the Potters Supply Company in East Liverpool, Ohio, and by 1900 founded the Knowles China Company, which later changed its name to the Edwin M. Knowles China Co.

The company was located in Chester, Virginia, and its reputation for creating excellent products was known throughout the pottery industry. The company manufactured the finest semi-vitreous ware and was applauded for its graceful shapes, artistic decoration and high quality.

Guide for collectors

Edwin M. Knowles China Co. products are extremely popular and there is a large community of collectors. Although the company was renowned for its high quality dinnerware patterns, such as Yorktown, Potomac and Vitreous, from 1982 the company also created a number of collectors’ plates depicting beautifully hand painted scenes from movies. These plates are highly sought after by collectors and can sell for $1,000.

Edwin M. Knowles China Co. products are occasionally advertised on eBay, although the most valuable examples are typically sold through national auction houses.

Notable auction sales

On March 23rd 2012 at Universal Live in Northbrook, Illinois, a collector’s plate, painted by William Chambers, and depicting a scene from The King & I, circa 1982, realised a price of $1,000.

On February 5th 2011 at Conestoga Auction Company in Manheim, Pennsylvania, four Coca-Cola advertising china plates realised a price of $700.

On September 21st 2006 at TIAS Inc. in Garden City, New York, a three piece Kewpie pattern juvenile feeding site, circa 1920s, realised a price of $218.

On April 30th 2006 at Jeremiah’s International Trading Company in St. Petersburg, Florida, a 100 piece set of Vitreous pattern dinnerware and serving dishes realised a price of $200.

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Latest News

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A major De Stijl work by Dutch artist César Domela will lead a new annual sale launching in London next month.

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