Emperor Clock Company
Emperor Clock Company clock
Emperor Clock Company clock

The Emperor Clock Company has provided customers across the United States with high quality clocks and clock kits since it was formed in the 1970s.

Brief history

Established in Amherst, Virginia, Emperor Clocks specialises in models constructed from cherry woods and hardwoods, such as mahogany and walnut, and prides itself on building outstanding products.

The Emperor Clock Company manufactures a range of clock movements and cases, including mantel clocks, wall clocks and table clocks. However, the company’s reputation has been established by their grandfather clocks, which boast to be some of the most exceptional models produced today.

Emperor grandfather clocks are the showpieces of the company and are renowned for their robust build quality and elegant design. The company manufactures a variety of traditional and modern styles of grandfather clocks that can fit with many different styles and home décors.

As well as building clocks, the Emperor Clock Company also allows customers the opportunity to assemble their own clocks with their collection of unique clock kits.

Guide for collectors

The Emperor Clock Company is only in its fourth decade of production and therefore is not particularly desirable among clock collectors. However, Emperor Clocks, particularly their grandfather clock models, are graceful and sophisticated and have enjoyed some distinction within contemporary clock circles. As a result, purchasing an Emperor Grandfather clock now could pay dividends in the future and prove to be a noteworthy investment.

Due to their relatively short lifespan, Emperor Clocks have not yet surfaced at antique clocks dealerships or reputable auction houses. Instead, purchasing an Emperor clock is usually the domain of online bidding sites such as eBay. Prices for an Emperor grandfather clock tend to range from $250 to $500, whereas examples of the company’s mantel clocks are priced from $100 to $250. However, as with buying any product off eBay, the actual condition of the item cannot be truly authenticated until it is in the buyer’s possession, so collectors should proceed with caution.

Undoubtedly, the safest place to purchase Emperor Clocks is to contact the company directly. The company sells both clock kits and pre-made clocks and can be contacted on their website: Emperorclocks.com

Notable Sales

In January 2012 alone, there were a number of examples of products from the Emperor Clock Company that were sold on eBay. Below is just a selection:

An Emperor Clock Company thirty-one day regulated wall clock was sold on eBay for $160.

An Emperor Clock company mantel clock, dating from 1973, was sold on eBay for $240.

A grandfather clock Model 300, built by the Emperor Clock Company, realised a price of $1,500 when it was sold on eBay.

An Emperor Clock Company thirty-one day wall clock, built in the style of Franz Merle, realised a price of $150 when it was sold on eBay.

An Emperor Clock Company Model 100 M Movement grandfather clock sold for $1,200 when it was sold on eBay.

A grandfather clock Model 101, built by the Emperor Clock Company in the late 1970s, was sold on eBay for $400.

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