Flashlight Museum
An Eveready 4AA Cell Blue Double Barrel torch, shown on the Flashlight Museum website
An Eveready 4AA Cell Blue Double Barrel torch,
shown on the Flashlight Museum website

Flashlight Museum is a website for fans and collectors or vintage flashlights to browse through some of the most notable vintage flashlights ever made.

According to the website, it showcases a total of 450 individual brands and 3,700-plus unique flashlights online.

Mission statement

This is stated as follows:
Our goal is simple: to provide an easy way for flashlight fans to browse through some of the greatest vintage flashlights to ever hit the planet and to check out some of the up and coming high-tech models. We add flashlights to our website when we receive them at our museum, so be sure to check back often, as the online collection is constantly growing.

Brands and styles

Brands listed on Flashlight Museum include:

  • Allbright
  • Apex
  • Fulton
  • Hasbro
  • HP
  • Kassner
  • Panasonic

And styles:

  • Art deco
  • Auto
  • Box lantern
  • Dynamo
  • Fluorescent
  • Knife
  • Lantern
  • Pistol

Other services

Aside from showcasing thousands of flashlights, the site also lists:

  • online historical documents
  • value guides
  • a Multimedia section with flashlight video
  • networking – described as the “best place to find other avid collectors' collections online”

For sale

Flashlight components are listed for sale on the website. Examples include a 2.24 volt Flat Top Clear Miniature Screw (E10) Base Incandescent Flashlight Bulb, 3.5 -5.5" White Flashlight Stand and 1.845 watt .3 AMP 6.15 volt G4.5 Miniature Screw (E10) Base #31 Miniature Incandescent Eiko Light Bulb.

David McLellan’s flashlight collection

David McLellan, the website’s founder, is described as a “Flashlight Guru” whose expertise is founded in collecting

In the mid 1990s Dave started collecting one of each of the current Eveready flashlights. The collecting bug bit and he has been collecting ever since.

With Ebay, the horizons expanded considerably. Dave's favorite venues are still the antique outlets, estate sales and flea markets.

Attending the annual Flashlight Collectors Conventions has become a favorite venue for Dave to establish friendships with other collectors across the country, according to the Flashlight Museum website.

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Latest News

Autographs, sports equipment and props from the opening ceremony are up for grabs on the official auction site.

The revealing diaries describe hellish conditions and the gulf between officers and conscripted men in the trenches.

The one-off American muscle car will cross the block in an upcoming Barrett Jackson sale in September.

Two guns owned by the Old West lawman will go up for sale in Arizona later this week.

Screen-used weapons from the veteran actors own collection will be amongst the highlights of a Bonhams sale in November.


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