Hoya Crystal Vases
Hoya Crystal Vases are highly collectible vases produced by the Japanese glass manufacturer Hoya.

Brief history

The Japanese-based Hoya Corporation started producing optical glasses in 1941 after establishing an optical glass production plant in the city of Hoya in Japan. By 1944 the company had earned a capital of 1.2 million yen, and by 1945 Hoya then started producing high quality crystal products as well.

Since then, Hoya has launched not only crystal vases, but camera filters, crystal plates, glasses, contact lenses, clocks, discs, bookends, ice buckets, jewellery, figurines, trays, bowls and much more.

The company has since established itself as a world-wide leader in manufacturing optical glass and has expanded to produce various electro-optics, photonics and vision care products as well. However, because Hoya no longer manufactures crystal vases, crystal vase collectors consider them to be extremely rare and valuable.

Hoya's crystal vases can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and sometimes feature unique carvings or engravings as well. Many of Hoya's crystal vases resemble some sort of floral shape, however, there are also vases that are shaped like hearts, rocks, diamonds, and much more.

Types of Hoya Crystal Vases

Hoya crystal vases

Auction Gallery of the Palm Beaches Inc. in West Palm Beach, Florida sold a tall crystal Hoya vase along with 16 other Hoya crystal table items including six crystal knife rests and ten single stem holders for $250 in June of 2010.

Burchard Galleries Inc in St. Petersburg, Florida sold a Callily bud Hoya vase by artist Sugasawa as well as various other items from the Hoya Tokyo Crystal Museum Collection such as a prismatic glass and crystal prism sculpture for $325 in June of 2007.

Susanin's Auctions in Chicago, Illinois sold:

  • A Hoya crystal vase still in its original box along with a Strombergshyttan neodymium crystal bowl for $225 in July of 2007.
  • A Hoya crystal vase (8" in height) with lines scrolling across the top, bottom and middle of the vase for $150 in December of 2008.
  • A Fumio Sasa Hoya crystal aspiration vase (11.5" in height) for $375 in December of 2008.

Hoya Chayaksus vases

DuMouchelles in Detroit, Michigan sold a round Hoya cut and etched crystal Chayaksus vase (16.75" x 11.5") with tapering on the sides for $3,500 in June of 2007.

Hoya cylindrical vases

Rago Arts and Auction Center in Lambertville, New Jersey sold a cut crystal Hoya cylindrical vase and a cut crystal Baccarat triangular vase (8.25") for $125 in January of 2009.

Museum Collection Hoya crystal vases

S&S Auction, Inc. in Repaupo, New Jersey sold:

  • Two Hoya Museum Collection crystal vases (8.75" x 11" and 8.75" x 12.25") both of which are still in their original boxes for $100 in September of 2005.
  • Five crystal vases from the Hoya Museum Collection (7.75" x 13.25") all of which are still in their original boxes for $450 in September of 2005.

Guide for collectors

Hoya crystal vases which have a unique design, colour or pattern are considered to be rare. Hoya crystal vases that are still in their original boxes are considered to be both rare and valuable.

Restoration of a Hoya crystal vase is not recommended.

For more information regarding where to find Hoya crystal vases, visit Hoya's official website.

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