Ideal Kissy Dolls
An original 22" Kissy doll
An original 22" Kissy doll
Ideal Kissy Dolls were a range of children’s dolls produced by the toy manufacturer Ideal during the 1960s.


The Kissy dolls were first released by the ideal toy company in 1961.

Ideal were founded in New York in 1907 as the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, after their founders Morris and Rose Michtom had found success by developing the first Teddy Bears in 1903.

The company grew to become one of the largest doll producers in the U.S during the 1950s and 60s, and in 1987 was purchased by View Master to become View-Master Ideal.

Range of Ideal Kissy dolls

The Kissy range of dolls included a number of different designs and sizes. These were:

  • Kissy – Produced from 1961 until 1964, the original Kissy doll is a toddler measuring around 22” tall. When the doll’s arms are squeezed together it makes a kissing sound and its lips pucker up.
  • Tiny Kissy – Produced from 1963 until 1968, Tiny Kissy is a smaller 16” version of the original Kissy doll. It features the same kissing feature as the larger version, and wears a similar red and white gingham dress. In 1966 the company redesigned the doll, with long straight auburn hair in a side parting and an orange and yellow A-Line dress.
  • Baby Kissy – Produced from 1963 until 1964, the doll is a younger, ‘baby’ version of the original Kissy doll with bowed legs so that it sits rather than stands.
  • Cuddly Kissy – The Cuddly Kissy doll was a smaller, cloth-bodied version of the Baby Kissy doll, produced for one year in 1965. The kissing feature was activated by squeezing the doll’s tummy, which would draw the hands together and activate the kissing noise.

How much are Ideal Kissy Dolls worth?

The value of Kissy dolls depends heavily on the condition. In original outfits, good-condition 22” Kissy dolls can sell for between $10 - $50. However, if the dolls are complete in their original boxes with tags and instructions, the value rises to around $150 - $300.

Tiny Kissy dolls can sell for between $10 - $40 in original outfits, but the newer versions released in 1966 can sell for more as there were far less produced in this style.

Cuddly Kissy dolls are by far the hardest to find for sale, as they were only in production for one year and their soft bodies meant they were less durable than the other hard-bodied dolls. These dolls can sell unboxed in original outfits for more than $75, with boxed versions considerably more.

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