Meito China
Meito is a Japanese ceramic and fine china company that specialises in dinnerware.

History & Description

Originally called Nagoya Seito Sho, the company was founded by former Noritake engineer Kotero Asukai in 1908. The name Meito was included as a backstamp on early pieces, which means “excellent sword” or “fine sword” in Japanese.

During the Second World War, the company was acquired by the Sumitomo Steel Corporation and the name was changed to Narumi Seito Narumi. However, the new owners decided to continue with the Meito backstamp. Production continued during the American Occupation of Japan and the first Meito showrooms opened in New Orleans, Dallas, Chicago and New York in the late-1940s.

Today, Meito is a still a very popular brand of china and produces four major lines of dinnerware; Asama, Empire, Windsor and Orleans.

Guide for collectors

Meito china is commonly sold at national auction houses and, depending on condition, collectors can expect to pay between $50 and $125.

The most valuable and desired examples of Meito china are one-off plates or mugs that feature beautifully hand-painted scenes. For example, on August 3rd 2005 at Jackson’s Auction in Cedar Falls, Iowa, a Meito china Art Deco plate, made in the early-twentieth century, realised a price of $500.

Notable auction sales

On December 9th 2010 at Depew Auction Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, a set of Courtley pattern china dinnerware, made by Meito, realised a price of $250.

On November 18th 2003 at Auctions Neopolitan in Naples, Florida, a twelve-piece set of china dinnerware, made by Meito, realised a price of $350.

On April 30th 2006 at William J. Jenack Auctioneers in Chester, New York, a set of Adele china dinnerware, made by Meito, realised a price of $200.

On August 22nd 2010 at Burchard Galleries Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida, a set of Annette fine china dinnerware, made by Meito, realised a price of $175.

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