Michigan Chair Company
The Michigan Chair Company was an American furniture manufacturer.

Brief history and description

The Michigan Chair Company was founded in 1890. The company began it’s production line by producing inexpensive furniture pieces, and in the early 20th century established a line of ‘Mission’ style furniture, as well as presenting an extensive catalogue of products which comprised some 1,500 chairs, all designed in popular contemporary styles.

In 1946, the company was reincorporated and downsized considerably, later operating as a production section of the larger Kindel Furniture Company. The company was sold again in 1980, and has since been transformed exclusively into a hardwood steam bending company.

Guide for collectors

As with most collectables, items of higher quality and in better preserved condition will cost considerably more than pieces which are in need of repair or feature restoration, as many collectors consider this to be either an unnecessary expense (in the case of repairs being required) or as damaging to the original aesthetic of a particular piece (in the case of restorations).

Websites such as AntiquesNavigator.com feature extensive links to antique dealers and shops, where collectors may discover bargains and rare finds.


The Michigan Chair Company is representative of a relatively affordable collectable, with prices for a simple single chair often remaining in the region of $100-300. For more elaborate chairs, prices rise to around $500-800.

The highest price paid at auction for a Michigan Chair Company piece is $1,645 for a magazine stand with four shelves, sold on 19th September 2004 from Craftsman Auctions. In a similar price range, a Michigan Chair Company library table sold for $1,000 from Treadway Gallery on 6th March 2011.

Michigan Chair Company tables can typically reach between $300-$600 at auction.

The lowest price paid for a Michigan Chair Company piece is $100, for a chair sold for $100 from Treadway Gallery from 18th September 2011.

(All values based on auction results from Liveauctioneers.com)

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