Mitchell & Rammelsberg Furniture
Mitchell & Rammelsberg Furniture was produced by the American company Mitchell & Rammelsberg, from the late 19th to the mid-20th century.

Brief history and description

Mitchell & Rammelsberg was a Cincinnati-based firm best known for manufacturing a variety of different high-class, Victorian-style furniture items such as bedroom suites, bed frames, dining suites, dressers, sideboards, desks, sofas, tables and much more. The items are typically made of fine mahogany, rosewood or walnut, and feature "elaborate decorative elements" as well as three-dimensional carved fruits and animals.

The firm was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio by Robert Mitchell (an Irish cabinet maker) and Frederick Rammelsberg (a German immigrant). The firm was one of the first in Cincinatti to use steam-powered machinery, and by 1870 the company was using 30 steam-powered woodworking machines whilst employing 250 workers to help manufacture their furniture.

The firm changed their name to The Robert Mitchell Furniture Company in 1881, however, the firm closed in 1940.


Bedroom suites/sets

New Orleans Auction, St. Charles Gallery, Inc. in New Orleans, Louisiana sold a Mitchell and Rammelsberg four-piece Rococo revival rosewood bedroom suite for $20,000 in July of 2005.

Grand View Antiques & Auction in Roanoke, Alabama sold an American Empire gothic mahogany Mitchell & Rammelsberg bedroom set for $9,500 in June of 2008.

Mitchell & Rammeslberg walnut bedroom suites, on the other hand, are worth between $7,700 and $8,000.


Mitchell & Rammelsberg's Victorian rosewood cabinets (80" in height with a fitted mirror and a separate cabinet at the base) are worth between $750 and $2,750.

Hall stands

Mitchell & Rammelsberg's walnut hall stands are worth between $13,000 and $16,500. Deer head rosewood hall stands, on the other hand, are worth around $11,500.

Secretary desks

Mitchell & Rammelsberg secretary desks are worth around $11,000.

Guide for collectors

Mitchell & Rammeslberg's bedroom suites are considered to be the most rare and valuable (or more specifically, bedroom suites made of mahogany or rosewood as opposed to walnut).

Restoration of a Mitchell & Rammelsburg furniture item is recommended, but only if there is noticeable damage. (However, restoring a Mitchell & Rammelsburg furniture item may decrease its value).

For more information regarding Mitchell & Rammelsberg furniture, visit Bradfords Antiques.

(All values based on auction results from

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Latest News

The London sale of prints and multiples realized over £4 million, led by a major work by the Norwegian artist.

A series of sale in New York have taken the company’s Asian art sales total to more than $100 million in 2014.

The rare vase is believed to have been created specifically for the Qianlong Emperor himself.

The auction of traditional masterpieces in Hong Kong next month is expected to achieve up to HK$200 million.

Cinema’s most famous motorcycle will be one of the star lots at an upcoming movie memorabilia sale in California.


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