Top 10: Neil Armstrong memorabilia
Planting the American flag on the moon
Planting the American flag on the moon

10) Neil Armstrong EKG reading - $12,500

Armstrong’s vital signs were monitored during the Apollo 11 mission. This strip of EKG reading from the moment he stepped onto the lunar surface sold for $12,500 at Aurora in April 2004.

9) Neil Armstrong signed photograph – $20,033

A classic photograph of Armstrong in his space suit, a rare signed example. Sold for €16,250 ($20,033) at Sotheby’s in May 2010.

8) Signed photograph of the Earth viewed from the moon - $20,700

Signed and inscribed by Neil Armstrong, this stunning photograph of the Earth viewed from the moon sold for $20,700 at Christie’s in September 1999.

7) Cheque signed by Neil Armstrong - $27,350

A cheque written by Neil Armstrong for $10.50 on the day of the Apollo 11 launch sold for $27,350 by RR Auctions in July 2009, exactly 40 years to the day after it was signed.
Neil Armstrong inscribed flight plan
Neil Armstrong inscribed flight plan

6) Signed flown postal cover - $46,000

An Apollo 11 flown postal cover signed by the three Apollo 11 astronauts. Sold for $46,000 at Christie’s in September 1999.

5) Signed moon landing photograph - $49,350

A photograph of Buzz Aldrin planting the American flag on the moon, taken by Neil Armstrong, signed by both and inscribed to the head of the Soviet Space programme. Sold for $49,350 at Christie’s in May 2001.

4) Signed NASA flight plan book - $51,000

NBC News correspondent Dean Mell got Neil Armstrong to sign this copy of the Apollo 11 NASA flight plan book, which also included several ink annotations. It sold for $51,000 at PBA Galleries in March 2011.

Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit
Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit

3) Apollo 11 U.S. flag - $56,762

A U.S. flag taken on the Apollo 11 mission, carried by Neil Armstrong onto the moon as he said the famous words ‘One small step’… etc. Affixed to wooden shield plaque. Sold for $56,762 at Heritage Auctions in September 2007.

2) Inscribed Apollo 11 flight plan - $152,000

A flight plan from the Apollo 11 mission, signed by Neil Armstrong and inscribed by him with the words ‘One small step for a man – one giant leap for mankind’. Sold for $152,000 at Bonhams in April 2010. Similar Armstrong signed/inscribed flight plans have sold for up to $51,000 at other auctions.

1) Neil Armstrong’s A5L Apollo spacesuit - $178,500

A spacesuit fitted for Neil Armstrong, one of just 14 A5l spacesuits made. Sold for $178,500 at Christie’s in September 1999.

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