Victor Silver Co. quadruple plate silverware
Victor Silver Co powder jar, brush and comb
Victor Silver Co powder jar, brush and comb

Victor Silver Co. quadruple plate silverware is silver-plated ware produced by the Derby Silver Company prior to 1912.

Background and Description

Victor Silver Co. was the economical trade mark of the Derby Silver Company, founded in 1872 in Massachusetts. The company made all kinds of silver items, including mirrors, combs, clocks, tableware, flatware, cups, candlesticks, trophies, fruit baskets, dishes and more.

The Derby Silver Company sold a more affordable line of plated hollowware under the popular trademark of the Victor Silver Plate Company. They stopped making quadruple plated silver in 1912.

The process of silver plating places a thin layer of silver over a stronger, less expensive base metal. Quadruple silver plate contains 8 troy ounces of silver compared to the 2 troy ounces of standard silver plate. The thickness depended on the strength of electric current used, the concentration of metallic ions, and the length of time the piece was in the solution. Quadruple plating was used up until 1912.

Pieces of Victor Silver Co. quadruple plate silverware are ornate and attractive. They are usually embossed with designs such as flowers and birds, often in an Art Nouveau style. Some of the baskets have paws as feet. Antique pieces are sometimes monogrammed with a previous owner’s initials, particularly items such as powder jars, brushes and combs, and candlesticks. Some items had a gold wash in addition to the silver plating.

Collecting Victor Silver Co. quadruple plate silverware

This is less valuable than the actual silver items produced by the Derby Silver Company. However, they are attractive antiques, and eminently collectible. Just as when they were first sold, these are a more affordable option.

Genuine pieces of Victor Silver Co. quadruple plate silverware will be stamped with a maker’s mark, with the company name or the Victor Silver Company logo, which states the company name in a ring encircling a rearing horse-like animal. Pieces should also be stamped with a patent number, which can help to date them.

Some items are tarnished but can look much better if polished.

Victor Silver Co. ware can be found on auction websites such as eBay, in antique stores, and


Single pieces are offered online for anything between $5 and $400, depending on size and condition. Most pieces tend to sell for between $20 and $150.

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