Vintage Little Rascals Dolls
Vintage Little Rascal dolls are promotional toys for Our Gang, a series of American short films produced during the first half of the 20th century.

History & Description

Commonly known as The Little Rascals, Our Gang was a series of comedy short films released from 1922 until 1944. The films concentrated on the adventures of a group of poor neighbourhood children.

At the time the series was notable in that the gang included white people, black people and females as equals within the group. The shows also gave both females and African American actors and actresses leading parts at a time when discrimination against both groups was common.

Additionally, the series’ focused on the real life escapades of children rather than depicting fantastical and ostensibly fictitious events.

Guide for collectors

The price for a vintage Little Racal doll depends on the items’ condition, materials, rarity and age. Collectors can expect to pay much more for items that are in mint condition and come in their original box.

As a general rule, Little Rascal dolls made post-1960 were mass-produced and as a result were constructed from cheap materials, such as plastic. Ceramic dolls made in the 1920s and 1930s usually achieve the highest prices due their small production numbers and the fact that they depict the earliest Little Rascal characters.

Little Rascal dolls are occasionally sold through national auction houses and are frequently advertised on eBay.

Notable auction sales

On April 6th 2012, a set of five Little Rascals porcelain dolls with Pete the dog was sold on eBay for $320.

On October 17th 2006 at Jackson’s Auction in Cedar Falls, Iowa, a set of three Little Rascal dolls, won through a promotion on a Little Rascal’s show in 1958, realised a price of $225.

On March 23rd 2012, a set of four Little Rascal German bisque nodder dolls, circa 1920s, was sold on eBay for $200.

On March 28th 2012, a set of three little Rascal dolls with Pete the dog, made by Effanbee, was sold on eBay for $200.

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