Vintage Planters Peanuts Memorabilia
Vintage Planters Peanuts Memorabilia is advertising memorabilia relating to the popular American brand Planters Peanuts.

History & Description

Planters is an American snack food company. A division of Kraft Foods, Planters is best known for its canned nuts and its advertising mascot and icon, Mr Peanut.

Planters was founded in 1906 by Italian immigrant Amedeo Obici in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. In 1916, the company held a drawing contest in order to create a logo for the company. The winner was a fourteen year-old schoolboy, Antonio Gentile, who drew an impression of a peanut with arms and legs.

An artist later added the formal clothing of an old-fashioned gentleman, spats, a cane, a monocle, white gloves and a top hat. By the mid-1930s, Mr Peanut came to symbolize the entire American peanut industry and has appeared on almost every Planters packaging and advertisements ever since. Today, he is one of the most recognisable advertising icons in history.

Guide for collectors

Vintage Planters Peanuts memorabilia is commonly sold through both national auction houses and eBay.

Planters Peanuts memorabilia relates to a number of products, including clocks, costumes, signs, gumball machines, jars, watches, stationery and toys. Records show that the most valuable collectibles are items that depict Mr Peanut, particularly the Mr Peanut figurines and advertising displays.

There are several websites that are a great resource for vintage Planters Peanuts memorabilia. For more information, collectors should visit the following websites; Peanuts Pal, 4 Mr Peanut and Tulsa World.

Notable auction sales

On December 6th 2007 at Morphy Auctions in Denver, Pennsylvania, a four-foot Mr Peanut Blinker Truly advertising display, circa 1930s to 1940s, realised a price of $26,000.

On April 20th 2012 at Morphy Auctions in Denver, Pennsylvania, a cast-iron Mr Peanut dancing toy, circa 1950s, realised a price of $16,500.

On March 5th 2009 at Morphy Auctions in Denver, Pennsylvania, a porcelain Mr Peanut sign, circa 1930s to 1940s, realised a price of $14,000.

On December 6th 2007 at Morphy Auctions in Denver, Pennsylvania, a paper mache Mr Peanut parade figure realised a price of $13,000.

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