Vintage Red Ryder BB Guns
Vintage Red Ryder BB Guns are toy guns manufactured in the mid-20th century by the American company Daisy Outdoor Products.

Brief history and description

Red Ryder BB Guns were manufactured by Daisy Outdoor Products. The BB guns were first released in 1938, and were named after a fictitious cowboy named ‘Red Ryder’, the title character of a contemporary comic strip.

The guns proved immensely popular when they were released, and have now developed a cult following as antique collectables. They are regarded by many as the best known brand of BB guns ever produced.

Guide for collectors

Antique Red Ryder BB guns are widely available at both mainstream and specialist auction houses, for a wide variety of different price points, with price differentiating largely due to fluctuating factors such as aesthetic preservation and continued functionality.

The Rogers Daisy Airgun Museum featured a display of Red Ryder BB guns which enthusiasts may find intriguing; further information is available from the museum website.

Red Ryder BB guns are also widely available at online auction sites such as eBay, which frequently lists the guns at low starting prices and may also feature rare finds. However, if planning an online purchase, prospective collectors should as ever be cautious so as to ensure they purchase an authentic item.

If in any doubt as to the authenticity of a particular piece, further information can be found at sources such as


Amongst the highest prices paid at auction for a Red Ryder BB Gun is $275, for one packaged in it’s original box, which sold from on 27th June 2010. In a similar price range, a lot comprised of two vintage Red Ryder BB guns sold for $250 from Morphy Auctions on 31st August 2010.

In good condition, many of the guns sell for around $100-200.1

Amongst the lowest prices paid for a vintage Red Ryder BB gun at auction is $20, for a BB gun sold from Hyde Park Country Auctions on 1st August 2009.

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