Vintage Seth Thomas Metronomes
A Seth Thomas Metronome
A Seth Thomas Metronome

Vintage Seth Thomas Metronomes are rhythmic devices produced by the American clock manufacturer Seth Thomas.

History & Description

Seth Thomas was an American clock maker and founded the Seth Thomas Clock Company in 1853.

Born in Wolcott, Connecticut, in 1785, Seth Thomas began making clocks in his early-twenties and worked for renowned clockmaker Eli Terry. Thomas purchased Terry’s clock business in 1810 but chose to sell his partnership in 1812. A year later he set up his own factory in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut, where he made metal-movement clocks.

Seth Thomas produced a variety of clocks and also manufactured metronomes, which are devices that produce regular, metrical ticks. The number of beats per minutes that the metronome produces can be adjusted to suit the users’ needs.

Metronomes are commonly used by musicians when practising so they can maintain a constant and regular tempo.

Guide for collectors

Collecting vintage metronomes is a niche market and the value of these items depends on their rarity and condition. Even if a metronome’s pendulum mechanism is still working, the majority of these products are sold as decorative items.

Instances of vintage Seth Thomas metronomes sold at national auction houses are uncommon. Collectors are more likely to purchase these products from eBay.

Notable auction sales

On March 26th 2012, a vintage Seth Thomas metronome was sold on eBay for $158.37.

On April 29th 2012, a vintage Seth Thomas DE Maelzel No. E875 metronome was sold on eBay for $125.99.

On April 28th 2012, a vintage Seth Thomas DE Maelzel metronome with its original box was sold on eBay for $99.

On July 31st 2004 at Charlton Hall in Columbia, South Carolina, three vintage Seth Thomas DE Maelzel metronomes and a baton realised a price of $70.

On April 17th 2011 at Phoebus Auction Gallery in Hampton, Virginia, a vintage cherry wood Seth Thomas DE Maelzel metronome realised a price of $70.

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