Vintage Stangl Pottery Ashtrays
Vintage Stangl Pottery Ashtrays are ceramic ashtrays produced by the Stangl Pottery Company.

Brief history and description

The Stangl Pottery Company was founded in the early 1800s, and was well known for manufacturing a variety of different high-quality dinnerware and art pottery items.

The company went through numerous name changes throughout its history (such as Fulper Pottery, Fulper Bros. & Co. and Hill Pottery), but the "Stangl" name is derived from a ceramic engineer named Johann Martin Stangl who started designing ceramic items for Fulper Pottery in 1910.

When the CEO of Fulper Pottery died in 1928, Stangl took over the role of CEO and ended up purchasing the company in 1930 and the company became the Stangl Pottery Company.

By 1940, the Stangl Pottery Company introduced a popular line of collectible bird figurines which remain to be the most highly collectible antique Stangl Company products on the market today.

Guide for collectors

A Stangl Pottery ashtray which features a duck in the center of the item is considered to be rare, but not necessarily the most valuable.

Restoration of an antique Stangl Pottery ashtray is recommended, but only if there is noticeable damage. However, restoring the ashtray may decrease its value.

For more information regarding antique Stangl pottery ashtrays, visit Stangl Pottery's official website.


Skinner in Massachusetts sold a lot of five large Stangl Pottery ashtrays including one duck ashtray, two bird ashtrays, one dog ashtray and one elephant ashtray for $100 in April of 2006.

Schmidt's Antiques Inc. in Ypsilanti, Michigan sold a Stangl Pottery ashtray featuring a molded design with a bird handle and a sunburst glaze (6" long; circa 20th century) for $40 in December of 2011.

Lang's Auction in Waterville, New York sold a Stangl Pottery duck ashtray ( 9 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 1 5/8") featuring the Stangl factory logo on the bottom of the ashtray for $25 in April of 2006, and JK Galleries, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida sold another large Stangl Pottery duck ashtray (8" in diameter) for $90 in May of 2008.

JK Galleries, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida sold a large pale blue and gold Stangl Pottery ashtray (9" in height and width) for $25 in October of 2008.

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